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Our E-Learning platform offers the flexibility to fit into a student’s available time schedule for revisions and learning online on a consistent and regular basis in order to keep up and improve on coursework.

Welcome to silver valley e-learning platform. We strive to provide highest quality education materials, bridging your child's success with technology, infrastructure of knowledge and creativity.

Accredited curriculum

Our platform upholds internationally accredited standards on curriculum to offer the best learning experience for our students.

Foreign Languages

We have courses to help you learn foreign languages that include Spanish, German, French from our expert teachers.

Smart Classes

Our courses online to offer our students easy an revision experience using online exams and assignment with teacher support.

50+ Courses

We offer over 50 courses which are available through our e-learning systems for quality revisions to supplement classes

Student Clubs

Continue to follow up on your favorite club activities from your peers through our community system to keep updated on club activities.

Technical assistance

Get assistance on any issues from our technical team 24/7 on using our online systems for easy user experience.

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We can help you build you a fully customized E-learning platform that suits your needs and student requirements. 

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The global E-learning market is expected to reach billion 350 dollars by 2025.

Learning is no longer confined in classrooms as the trend of e-learning is getting to spotlight especially with the Covid-19 pandemic. The future looks brighter for e-learning both for students and learning professionals as the internet raddicaly changes the way people share and get information. our learning platform  provides both teachers and students an easy to use platform for revision courses, helping teachers earn and student’s improve their grades. 

Limitless learning opportunities

No Boundaries, No Restrictions Along with locational restrictions, time is one of the issues that learners and teachers both have to face in learning. We connect teachers and students to continue learning from home

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The Promising Future Of e-Learning In Kenya.

Instructors now have the ability to offer students to diverse learning experience through technology despite the challenges resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.There is a plethora of different e-learning systems (otherwise known as Learning Management Systems, or LMSs for short) and methods, which allow for courses to be delivered. With the right tool various processes can be automated such as the marking of tests or the creation of engaging content. E-learning provides the learners with the ability to fit learning around their lifestyles, effectively allowing even the busiest person to further a career and gain new qualifications.

At Silver Valley, we give you the right platform to connect students and teachers with to support make learning from home a reality. our E-learning platform offers an alternative that is faster, cheaper and potentially better to traditional revision solutions. 

“ever since i started using your platform, I have been impressed by your commitment and responsibility towards helping my children. I am no longer worried about  their revisions during this stay at home period”


Sophia Mutuma


“your platform has given the opportunity to do what i like best while still earning as the schools remains closed. I like your simplicity and support that makes the platform easy to use for me in creating courses.  .”

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ruth Naomi

Graduate Teacher

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